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How to Insert an Image in Your Yahoo! Mail Signature

Is it possible to add an image in Yahoo Mail Signature?? Get it done!!

Yahoo mail is one of the most amazing webmail servers, which allows the user to send mail, image and much more. Millions of users use Yahoo for their professional or personal use. It offers many amazing offers to its users. If you are a regular user of this mail service and want to change the look of your email, then you can easily add an image in Yahoo mail signature and make your email look more catchy and professional. You can also add colorful text and formatting in your email signature. Here we will provide you information which will tell you how you can add an image in the signature. If you are not good in computers then we suggest you take help from IT experts or you can also make a connection with 

Yahoo techies by calling Yahoo Tech Support Phone Number available on the web.

These steps will show you how you can add an image in your Yahoo email signature. You just need to follow the step carefully.

Steps to add image

    *  You need to choose "Mail Options" from the navigation bar

     * you need to access Yahoo Mail with the help of Windows Internet Explorer.

     * Choose Mail Options from the navigation bar.

      * You need to follow the "Signature" link.

  * Ensure that the "View HTML Source" option is checked. If the HTML toolbar is  not displays anything, press Color and Graphics.

      *  Ensure View HTML Source is marked.

      *  You need to insert the image using the HTML <img> tag

      *  To place an image at the left of your signature, insert '<img hspace="5"  src="http://0.tqn.com/h/gp/email.gif" align="left" width="55" height="50" />'.

       *  Ensure the image is available on a web server and reasonably small in size (not larger than 75 pixels).

      *  Uncheck "View HTML Source" to test your signature

      *  You need to click on the Save button to save the settings.


       By performing these steps you’ll easily add an image in Yahoo mail signature. You can also add logos, photos or anything about you or about your organization.This feature makes your Yahoo email looks mire beautiful and professional. There are many other features are there which are provided free to its users by  Yahoo. For more knowledge, you can visit Yahoo helpdesk service page or also make a connection with Yahoo expertise by calling Yahoo toll-free Contact Number which is available 24*7 in your service.   


    Dial Yahoo support toll-free Number 

        +1-855-6500-666 (USA/CANADA)


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